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Good Mood Food show hide

Is your mood linked to what you eat? Do you snack at particular times of the day on all the wrong foods and would like to understand why?

Discover why the food you eat and what you drink is important to control your mood with some fun and innovative tips!

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Tired But Wired show hide

Do you want to get a better night’s sleep? Do you find it hard to get to sleep?

Then this is the workshop for you! An interactive seminar to find out all about how nutrition can help with getting to sleep and staying asleep!

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Heart Health show hide

Reduce your heart attack risk. An interactive session on how to improve your cholesterol and blood pressure readings. Find out which foods to eat more of to improve your cholesterol readings.

Discover what ‘good cholesterol’ is and what you can eat to boost the levels in your blood to protect you against heart disease. This workshop also looks at optimal food choices to help with blood pressure.

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Snack Attack show hide

Would you like to know more about snacking, whether it is a healthy aspect or not? What constitutes a healthy snack or how to determine where the healthy snack are available in your canteen, vending machine or supermarket. This workshop goes through all you need to know about snacking and how to incorporate it in a healthy way without the guilt!

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Boosting Immunity show hide

Can your diet and lifestyle really affect your immunity to coughs and colds? Find out in this interesting workshop looking at all the different foods you can eat in your diet to ensure tip-top health, and also what things you can do in your life to reduce your risk of getting ill.

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How to Sustain Yourself show hide

An interactive presentation where we examine the food you eat in a typical day and how this relates to the recommendations! We go through the 5 main food groups and examine what is a portion size in easy to understand measures – no need for scales – then relating this back to what you have eaten to determine whether you are achieving it!! But don’t worry – this is done confidentially – you don’t have to share your intake with anyone else! We also look at the best food choices to keep you going throughout the day – the healthy way – giving you ideas to try and think about.

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Weight Management show hide

Want to understand what to eat to lose weight, safely and effectively? Find out if any of the infamous faddy diets work and which don’t or are just plan UNSAFE! Or have you lost weight and want to keep it off? Come to this workshop to ask all your questions on healthy eating and eating for optimal and safe weight loss.

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Nutrition for Shift Work show hide

Looking at the physical effects of shift work and how it can impact your dietary intake, and the best ways to manage the timings of your meals and snacks for optimal nutrition.

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Brain Fuel show hide

How does the food you eat affect your brainpower? Learn about the glucose hungry brain, the foods and nutrients that benefit your brainpower, and how you can boost your memory, concentration and ability to perform challenging tasks.

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Food For Thought show hide

The Food for Thought workshop is designed for all those who would like to improve their relationship with food. Whether you struggle with emotional or boredom eating, pressures of day to day life or weight issues in general… then this workshop is for you.
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Nutrition on the Go show hide

Are you always on the go? Whether you have a super busy working day, or feel like you are always on your feet and on the go without a regular ‘base’ for meals, this workshop is for you. Helping you to think about the foods you eat, this workshop will provide tips on planning your meals to provide the healthiest and most nutritional lifestyle for those jam-packed working days - keeping you at your best when you’re on the go!
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Family Nutrition show hide

Perfect for those busy families out there who want to know how to achieve the right nutritionally balanced meals for the whole family to enjoy (and kick those sugar cravings at the same time!). 
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